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Connecting & Serving: Time spent serving and playing together fosters community. These environments create space for students to  BE EMPOWERED  in their relationships both inside and outside of the church building. All are invited to participate and we encourage everyone to bring friends who may or may not be connected at all with Jesus, faith, or church.


For the next several weeks, we will be gathering in the 13 Firstfield parking lot to connect with friends, experience some social-distancing FUN, gathering in small groups for some conversations.

An RSVP is required to attend the gathering, click below to register.

We are practicing physical distancing during our gathering which means students are encouraged to social-distance and all of our activities will follow that protocol as well, making it easy to connect from a safe space.

  • All of our leaders will be wearing face coverings.

  • We are requiring all student attendees to bring a mask and wear the face covering.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available.

  • For this gathering, we will have bottled drinks and a mini hot chocolate bar set up. However your student is encouraged to bring their own drink if they choose to do so, marked with their name.

ReFuel Small Groups (Postponed. Meet your groups at IGNITION:Live)

What's the MOST important part of Ignition?
Without question: Small Groups.

Or as we call them around here, ReFuel. Getting to know Jesus and growing in your relationship with Him happens in powerful ways in ReFuel and we sincerely hope that EVERY STUDENT takes a chance and jumps into a group this year!

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