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Parent Partnership (part 1)

Parents are the strongest, most important influence in a child’s spiritual journey and we are honored to be invited into that story.

The reality remains, however, that a parent’s voice, real-life personal example and spiritual journey has the greatest opportunity to influence a child's growth in both knowledge and passion.

Unfortunately, as our children mature, particularly as they cross the threshold into tween/teen years, the power of parent influence begins to wane. As our kids get busy, often that time we would normally spend with our child is gobbled up, and it evaporates before we know it.

Parents: You have an opportunity to leverage their influence by inviting people who are passionate about students into the chaos.

Imagine if you had a team of adults around your child, championing their heart, spirit and soul in a way that pointed them toward the holistic unique purpose laid out for them by their Creator.

Imagine if you had a team of adults around you, cheering along the sidelines of your parenting journey, arming you with support, resources, listening ears and reassuring voices.

This is parent partnership at Ignition.

We'll start here in a first installment of resources for parents (all book covers are clickable links).


The Well Stocked Parent Bookshelf

Hurt 2.0

Chap Clark

A great resource for navigating the culture of today's students. Great either in the midst of crises with your student, or in preparation for the future.

It's Just a Phase - So Don't Miss It

Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy

This is an incredibly thorough guide through every phase of childhood, birth through High School graduation. Written in extremely user-friendly language, it examines not just who our kids are, but why they think (or don't think) they way they do, the questions they are asking, and how we can best support their spiritual and human development.

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof

An insightful tool that explores the powerful concept of inviting others to be a part of shaping and developing your child in many areas of life while focusing on unconditional love and acceptance.

Sticky Faith:

Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids

Dr. Kara E Powell & Dr. Chap Clark

From Amazon: Research shows that almost half of graduating high school seniors struggle deeply with their faith. Recognizing the ramifications of that statistic, the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) conducted the “College Transition Project” in an effort to identify the relationships and best practices that can set young people on a trajectory of lifelong faith and service.

Praying Circles Around Your Children

Mark Batterson

A fantastic guide immersed in both biblical truth and practicality, this books helps us understand how prayer can literally reshape and dramatically impact our parenting. Prayer is our often overlooked or added on but incredibly powerful and most valuable weapon.

Right Click:

Parenting Your Teenager in a Digital Media World

Art Bamford, Kara Powell, Brad E. Griffin

Today's hottest topics for parents seem to center around Social Media, Internet Safety, and Screen Time/Influence. Check out this helpful guide to getting our minds thinking differently about connectivity and social media so that we can best guide, lead and influence our kids.

99 Thoughts For Parents of Teenagers

Walt Mueller

We may have been teenagers once, but we were never teenagers in today's world. This book, part of a series of 99 thoughts by various authors, is a super quick read but a great window into the mind of a teenager and their world.



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