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Fully Alive - Casey Darnell & Chris Garland
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MARCH 26-30, 2018



Every year,  amazing middle and high school students take on the phenomenal task of loving children and pointing them to Jesus in the crazy, fun, and sometimes exhausting environment of Spring Break Camp.

Students currently in 6th - 12th grade are eligible to apply and, depending on how much of the week they serve, can earn up to 40 SSL hours that week (the max the county will allow in one week).

Because more students apply than spaces exist on the team, here are some important factors in our selection process:

  • Attend one of the MANDATORY training classes 

  • Active in the Seneca Creek Community Church student ministry

  • Serve as a part of Children’s Ministry in your church (i.e. PowerHouse)

  • Have served as a part of Seneca Creek’s Spring Break Camp before

  • Grade level (i.e. 12th grade is given higher preference over 6th grade)

  • Date of application


Online applications will be accepted from Seneca Creek Community Church students ONLY beginning on February 4, 2018. Other applications may be submitted beginning February 15, 2018. All applications must be completed BY THE STUDENT no later than March 13, 2018. Walk-ins to training classes will not be accepted. 


MANDATORY training sessions are chosen as a part of the application process. Special requests may be made on the application, but accommodation of those requests is not guaranteed.


All decisions regarding acceptance of the applicant onto the Student Leadership Team  ARE FINAL and will be made prior to training dates.

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